Welcome To Anzarts Institute

What Are We?

Advancing the arts

The Anzarts Institute is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of the arts and creative industries in our society.

The Institute has been created by experts in the arts and creative industries in Australia and New Zealand concerned at where our cultural life is heading. The Institute It aims to deal with the issues big and small that confront the sector today: the impact of a globalised, creative economy, the dumbing down of public discussion about the arts and creativity in our lives; the changing nature of community; the growing gap between training for the creative industries and the reality of working in them; and the opportunities and threats posed by the internet age.

The Institute serves both as a resource for those engaged in reshaping the arts and as a goad to those reluctant to embrace change...

Anzarts Institute is grateful for the ongoing support of the Ogilvie Foundation for the creation and management of its website.